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MCC Island Factions - joining your MCC team!

Pink Parrots Faction Area

Are you a lover of Lime Llamas? Bonkers for Blue Bats? Overjoyed for the Orange Ocelots? Well, now you can join them too! :crown:

The spirit of good-natured competition lives on in MCC Island; join your chosen team and fly your flag throughout your island adventures. As soon as you step onto the docks of MCC Island, you’ll meet The Elder Zombie, who will...
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What is MCC Island?


MCC Island Hub

After months of development, MCC Island is almost ready to open its gates and let you all inside. But we’re sure, while you’ve been on that ridiculously long metaphorical boat ride, you’ve been wondering:

What is MCC Island and what should I expect when I get there?

MCC Island is a Minecraft Java Edition server for modern versions created by the makers of MCChampionship: The Noxcrew, full of exciting mini-games straight from the...
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MCC Island Closed Beta explained




🎉 Hello and welcome to the very beginning of MCC Island’s journey! 🎉

I wanted to make this post to explain a little about what’s coming in the next few months, and why we’re launching with a Closed Beta (and how it works!). It’s also a chance to talk about MCC Island’s development and hopefully set some expectations for it too!

It’s actually really difficult...
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