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0.3.0 Game Update - New HITW and Sky Battle Maps!


Game Update 0.3.0 has just landed and it's an exciting one! We've got new maps and have made general game improvements across all four games. Up first - the maps! Sky Battle - Grasslands You’ve played Celestial, a map that forces you upwards, how about the other direction? Grasslands is a fast-paced map with a centre lower than your starting island! Make your way through grassy islands and use haybales strewn across the map to break your fall as you traverse into the centre and...
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Personal Menu and Navigating the Island


MCC Island can be a confusing place. With so many shops to visit, NPCs to meet and places to explore, it’s easy to lose your bearings. Thankfully we’ve provided you with a handy dandy guide to help you. Let’s take a quick look at the most important parts of your PA so you can get where your goin’ and find what you need. The Personal Menu It might not sound all that exciting, but the Personal Menu is all about you as well as a fountain of information about MCCI, where you are and where...
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New game maps - Beehive, Mines, Badlands, Celestial!


With the Island having opened its gates a week ago and so many of you battling it out across the games, we thought it was time to introduce some new maps to the Island roster! TGTTOS - Beehive and Badlands TGTTOS has two event maps coming your way - Beehive and Badlands! Make sure not to get stuck on sticky honey blocks as you race across this honeycomb map or race through badlands while avoiding those prickly cacti. Battle Box - Gold Mine For Battle Box we're introducing: Gold...
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