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  1. Mrkvaman

    General An idea for a Parkour Warrior mini-mode!

    In the recent Development Update Noxite talked about pkw having 3 different "mini-modes" which are probably going to be something like difficulity setting or maybe a modifier of the game. I had an interesting idea with this concept but I am not sure how doable it would be since it would need...
  2. Mrkvaman

    General Just some news for MCCI

  3. Mrkvaman

    Miscellaneous Profile linking

    So this isn't very useful but I thought it was cool so I am gonna share it. So this is basically a tutorial on how to Profile link You can already do this by just using @ but with this one you can also change the text to something else. First thing is to get the User ID of the person you want...
  4. Mrkvaman

    Videos Gogy moment

    Gogy moment. wha- okay the video didn't send- Okay thereee we go.
  5. Mrkvaman

    General Do you have any cool screenshots with content creators?

    Here are some of mine: 1. Dream 2. Seapeekay 3. LockieNess! 4. Eryn
  6. Mrkvaman

    Feedback & Suggestions [Forums Bug] When hovering on someone's profile the number of Threads Created is wrong.

    Instead of showing the number of threads, it shows the same number as posts created. When you open the profile it shows normally.
  7. Mrkvaman

    Miscellaneous How to view people's threads!

    So I literally just found this and thought I would make a little guide. 1. Go to the profile of the person you want to view threads of. 2. Click the Find button on the right side. 3. Select the "Find all threads by" tab. 4. Enjoy the content!
  8. Mrkvaman

    General Who did you watch for every MCC?

    Here are mine ones: MCC 1 Wilbur VOD MCC 2 Techno VOD MCC 3 Techno MCC 4 Techno MCC 5 Techno MCC 6 Techno MCC 7 Techno MCC 8 Techno VOD MCC 9 Dream MCC 10 Techno MCC 11 Techno MCC 12 TapL MCC 13 Dream MCC 14 Dream MCC 15 Jack MCC 16 Dream MCC 17 Dream MCC 18 Seapeekay MCC 19 Seapeekay MCC 20...
  9. Mrkvaman

    General A new challenger has appeared!

  10. Mrkvaman

    General Is this new or did I just not notice it before?

    I don't remember seeing this yesterday. What do these icons next to posts mean?
  11. Mrkvaman

    General Is anyone else having problems liking posts?

    Whenever I like a post it increases the number but doesn't show the hearth animation and when I click it again it increases the number again and shows as being liked but then when I come back after refreshing it shows as if I didn't like the post at all. I am not sure if that is just my internet...