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  1. Sombob

    General The New Army on MCCI

    Guys, I am starting an Army on MCCI the only requirements to join are to wear this minecraft skin and say Bob whenever you see someone else wearing the skin. The Bob Army! Link to Minecraft Skin:
  2. Sombob

    General Which Faction would you join and why?

    Hey Guys, as many of us excitedly wait for more invites to go out or for bundles to release, I wanted to ask which MCCI faction you are excited to represent on the Island! (I'll go first) I'm proudly going to represent the Purple Pandas
  3. Sombob

    MCC Island Cosmetics and Customisation

    I am in LOVE with some of these cosmetics, SUPER EXCITED to start unlocking some of them <3
  4. Sombob

    General Good Morning Thread

    good morning ;D
  5. Sombob

    General How do you upgrade faction flag item?

    could be not out yet, i guess we wait for an announcement on it :>
  6. Sombob

    General Build Mart

    Would be cool but like sands of time it would be much more of a team based game that wouldnt really be that applicable in a public server setting. I'd love to see them add maybe ace race or dodgebolt instead. As those games are much less reliant on the team communication aspect
  7. Sombob

    General problem

    You may have to wait for it to work. I also see a ticket option in the shop... Maybe you have to get that free ticket under your username for it to work?
  8. Sombob

    General How long until full launch?

    Im hoping around 2-3 weeks based off of how the servers have been handling the load of players. I dont think Noxcrew anticipated THIS much demand. I'd love to be proven wrong tho, and I'm sure Nox is working as hard as they can to get it released to everyone
  9. Sombob

    Progressions What would you want to see with MCC Island's faction system?

    I'd love to have in-faction player rankings. The highest scoring faction players from each faction maybe an event each month where the best faction players from each faction play against eachother in an event