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    General Daily frog facts

    i had a friend who wanted to do this and they didnt beleive me when i said it wasnt good for their frog
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    General opinions on birds?

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    General Past Level 50?

    yeah most people ingore you jk jk jk your super epic and cool
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    General Having trouble logging in (How can I fix this)?

    what if you never get in and then the day you die you get let in then and then you get banned for being too old that would be a really bad day
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    Sky Battle Solos coming soon!

    i think it means your in quads
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    General One fish, 2 fish, red fish….

    SharkWhaleNarwhalGoast-fishfishfishfu-fishfishfish-Pigeon Fish
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    General One fish, 2 fish, red fish….

  8. PigeonIsMe

    General opinions on birds?

    IM NOT SEVEN AND MY MOM DOESNT CARE IF I LIE TO YOU well i changed my mind >:( who does that? your saying im a scoundrel and fool? thats really not nice and so mean im so nice and innoccent
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    General opinions on birds?

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    General opinions on birds?

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    General opinions on birds?

    im not scary
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    General opinions on birds?

    aw man 75% of people dont like birds and the one who does might just like saying bird and not even like birds
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    Sky Battle Valhalla Map Ideas

    omg bassam do you like the happy happy happy song?? you better say yes
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    General Ah

    oh we forgot to include cutthecable/notapidgeon in our team im sorry man
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    Teams & Contestants Mcc Scuffed team predictions.

    your a joke XDXDXDXD
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    General this is prime @PepsiTrain26

    if your not pepsitrain ignore this he didnt know
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    General Block wars Winner post!

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    Feedback & Suggestions Hole in the Wall Suggestion: On Thin Ice!

    im going to combust into little chunks of pigeonisme if you dont stop