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  1. PigeonIsMe

    General this is prime @PepsiTrain26

    if your not pepsitrain ignore this he didnt know
  2. PigeonIsMe

    General What are points?

    so if you go to members then go to points it says a bunch of people have 63 (including me) so i was wondering what that meant
  3. PigeonIsMe

    Sky Battle Valhalla Map Ideas

    i think that the sky battle map, valhalla has a lot of potential but here are some things i would change about it. and im not saying its a bad map, noxcrew did a great job but i think it could be even better. 1 fully comitt to the less bridging part of it. fill in some gaps with rustic bridges...
  4. PigeonIsMe

    General MY DOG

    this is my dog trooper or trooper pooper or troopy or troop da doop
  5. PigeonIsMe

    General opinions on birds?

    so guys i really like birds and if you also like them say why you like them and if you dont like them say why you dont like them its for statistics
  6. PigeonIsMe

    General @Lumaura Needs HELP

    yeah so sometimes lumaura will randomly say UwU and idk why but i need answers
  7. PigeonIsMe

    General super oober official names for the mcc teams

    pink pigeons purple pepsi trains cyan cut the cables fuchesta firpos lime lumauras red razimazeratis violet volts green g3ometris idk any more off the top of my head
  8. PigeonIsMe

    General Best 2000s kids shows

    1 Dragon Tales 2 Dinosaur Train 3 Word Girl 4 Power Rangers 5 Arthur the Ardvark 6 Powerpuff Girls 7 Ben Ten 8 Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Give me your ranking also sorry thomas and friends isnt up there ive only seen a few episodes but they were good
  9. PigeonIsMe

    General happy birthday to me

    guy i just turned 9 i cant beleive im getting so old!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. PigeonIsMe

    General Reasons im going to IRL battle @Lumaura

    1 lumaura likes bullying pigeons 2 lumaura copies my name 3 lumaura once said i act like im 8 even thought im actualy 8 and a half 4 lumaura is sometimes very nice sometimes very mean 5 lumaura may be an evil demon you never know 6 I do not have a cool nickname while lumauras nickname is lumi 7...
  11. PigeonIsMe

    General Ending the Multiverse.

    Alright so i am the real NotAPidgeon/PigeonIsMe i can prove it by showing u my account TottallyAPigeon, NotAPidgeon, and NotNotAPidgeon are fakes. also @Lumaura must be behind this in some way because they are the evilest person i know im just saying.
  12. PigeonIsMe

    Battle Box Bring Back Haunted House PLEASE

    not much else to say but please bring back haunted house it was fire i loved it
  13. PigeonIsMe

    General IMPOSTER

    so theres this kid names NotAPidgeon, thats not me i am not responsible for what they say im the real on you can look at my account
  14. PigeonIsMe

    General NotAPidgeon

    lphe, hte gniepos veha udfon em
  15. PigeonIsMe

    General HELLO

    Hi guys! im a bit bored right now so im checking in on everyone. tell me how your doing or something that your proud of!
  16. PigeonIsMe

    General Bringing back the one sentance story time from!

    Rules are: one sentance at a time (you just wait for another person to respond before you add another sentance to the story) be nice :D have fun! Ill start, There once was a dog with a purple colar.
  17. PigeonIsMe

    Sky Battle Your boys back :D

    alright guys ive been grinding skybattle so hard all of a sudden its just so fun :D im glad to be enjoying mcci again!
  18. PigeonIsMe

    General Im a notable member now?

  19. PigeonIsMe

    General Lack of motivation

    im not feeling motivated to play mcc island as much and im really just waiting on updates :( i grinded leaderboards and did good but im not good enough/dont have enough free time to play all the time so idk what to do if you guys have any ideas feel free to let me know but im just not very...