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  1. Noxite

    General instead of adding new games, they should add rotations

    This is something we've talked about internally and will most likely become a thing if any games tend to have lower player counts. Rotations will bring more players TO those games when they're live, because suddenly there's a timed window to grind out the stuff to unlock imo!
  2. Noxite

    General make the server good.

    It it true, yes
  3. Noxite

    MCC Island MCC Island Development Update - Open Beta Progress (January 2023)

    Hello everyone! There’s been a lot of chatter and questions about what’s next with MCC Island, so I thought it was about time to share some information on what’s coming! Overall, the launch of MCC Island’s Closed Beta has been a surprising success; we saw A LOT more players enter the island...
  4. Noxite

    Progressions MCCI open beta and new games info this week!

    Yes, this week :D
  5. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.4.5 - Patch Notes

    It does! It's proportionate to the amount of players online :)
  6. Noxite

    General make the server good.

    I did indeed!
  7. Noxite

    General make the server good.

    We've got new games in prep, but I think it's wiser to release them when we go into Open Beta and launch all the other cool stuff alongside them :)
  8. Noxite

    To Get To The Other Side How Noxcrew Could Improve Visibility When Near a Lot of Players

    Hmm, I think it's a good idea, but I feel it affects the social experience too much. I don't really like the idea of punching colored-outline ghosts instead of actual player characters wearing their cosmetics etc :D
  9. Noxite

    General I'm playing on mac and l can't choose a Faction.

    Have you tried both left click and right click functionalities?
  10. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.4.1 - Patch Notes

    What do you mean by this? Is the server getting 'laggier' in general after every patch, or is it 'laggier' for a small period of time after a patch? and are you talking about framerate lag or connection lag?
  11. Noxite

    General 1st finishes leaderboards

    It would count yes, but the stat only gets officially recorded when the game actually finishes (Despite whether you're present or not when it finishes!)
  12. Noxite

    General Admins, when will the next game be added?

    No new games until we go into Open Beta! I'll be sure to post a big development update some time in December to let everyone know where we're at and what our plans are :)
  13. Noxite

    General Why I DONT Want Them To Add More Then 6 Total Gamemodes.

    Honestly, I'd expect that we may bring SOME games in/out on a rotation, depending on how 'niche' they are. I think our goal will always to bring more and better games, but I think we do have some method of control here if certain games become a bit 'tired'.
  14. Noxite

    General Will MCC Continue If twitter shuts down?

    We'll always find a way :) And yes, we've still got Discord/Youtube/Newsletter/Forums, all as ways to communicate! What's important I think is that the contestants will still be able to participate, and through them I'm sure our new communication methods will be shared.
  15. Noxite

    MCC Island The forums get Dark Mode!

    After much request from our users, we've gone and added Dark Mode to the MCC Forums! To activate dark mode, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and turn on the little switch here: Thank all, and enjoy :grin:
  16. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.3.1 - Hotfix

    Hotfix 0.3.1 has just been deployed with some economy balance changes, HITW bug fixes and other minor changes. Hidden Vendor Price Updates A few hidden vendors have had their prices dramatically reduced… 👀 Cosmetic Updates Sun Hat added to Jobs N Junk Crates. Bow and Outline variants added...
  17. Noxite

    MCC Island How admission tickets work

    We've done a bit of a redesign on the sign up process, hopefully this might help reduce some of the misunderstanding x)
  18. Noxite

    General Fixing the BRL Currency prices?

    Unfortunately I don't think this is up to us, Tebex is our payment provider, and we cannot adjust prices per country:
  19. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.2.1 - Patch Notes

    Nope! The plan is that the static store will always remain the same. In future we might add new cosmetics as additions to those stores, but the original ones should never change. We're simply just experimenting with how we want the static stores to work to begin with at the moment.