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  1. Noxite

    MCC Island MCC Island Development Update - Open Beta Progress (January 2023)

    Hello everyone! There’s been a lot of chatter and questions about what’s next with MCC Island, so I thought it was about time to share some information on what’s coming! Overall, the launch of MCC Island’s Closed Beta has been a surprising success; we saw A LOT more players enter the island...
  2. Noxite

    MCC Island The forums get Dark Mode!

    After much request from our users, we've gone and added Dark Mode to the MCC Forums! To activate dark mode, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, and turn on the little switch here: Thank all, and enjoy :grin:
  3. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.3.1 - Hotfix

    Hotfix 0.3.1 has just been deployed with some economy balance changes, HITW bug fixes and other minor changes. Hidden Vendor Price Updates A few hidden vendors have had their prices dramatically reduced… 👀 Cosmetic Updates Sun Hat added to Jobs N Junk Crates. Bow and Outline variants added...
  4. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.2.1 - Patch Notes

    Patch 0.2.1 has just been deployed! This patch is mostly surrounding economy balance changes. You can expect a lot of these types of patches in Closed Beta, as this is our opportunity to change things drastically in our economy before we lock it in when we hit Open Beta :) Both Faction XP gain...
  5. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.2.0 - Patch notes

    Welcome to patch 0.2.0! It's been a very busy week for us, and we're super happy to see how much people are enjoying MCC Island. Hope these new maps and changes will help make the experience a bit smoother :) New Maps! TGTTOS Beehive Badlands Battle Box Mines Sky Battle Celestial More...
  6. Noxite

    Patch Notes 0.1.1 - Patch notes

    Hello, and welcome to our first ever patch notes! We've got a few general updates, economy balancing, and tweaking some of the kits in games! General Made certain… preparations… for the oncoming plague… Provided useful reporting commands and links in the Escape Menu. Various performance &...
  7. Noxite

    Progressions What would you want to see with MCC Island's faction system?

    So, in our 'What is MCC Island' article, we revealed that when you join MCC Island, you will have to pledge yourself to one of the 10 factions (the MCC team mascots). We have a lot of cool plans for this, but I'd like to hear what you all think! What kind of features would you like to see out...
  8. Noxite

    MC Championship MCC 23 - Update Video is out! (Ace Race revamp)

    The update video for MC Championship 23 is out now! Go check it out! The event will take place on Saturday 23rd July at 8pm BST. (You can use this link to compare to your timezone) Now, what do you think of the Ace Race changes??
  9. Noxite

    MCC Island MCC Island Closed Beta explained

    Welcome! 🎉 Hello and welcome to the very beginning of MCC Island’s journey! 🎉 I wanted to make this post to explain a little about what’s coming in the next few months, and why we’re launching with a Closed Beta (and how it works!). It’s also a chance to talk about MCC Island’s development...