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Patch Notes 0.3.6 - Patch Notes

0.3.6 - Patch Notes

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Is it possible to toggle the two options in skb? (auto equip and non auto equip) because i found myself loving the change. nice patch notes
i think being able to toggle it on or off would be an amazing feature, it would offer more customization and that is very cool.
  • 2023/01/28
  • DerpyBurger

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    Patch 0.3.6 has just gone live! This update contains a statistics reset and some gameplay changes for TGTTOS and Sky Battle.

    Statistics Reset

    In this update we are clearing all statistics and removing the achievement system.

    Don't worry! Your coins, gems, cosmetics and everything else will still stay the same (although they will be wiped when we leave Closed Beta). For now, only achievements are being removed, but they will be replaced with a brand-new system in the future!

    For more information about this reset, including a sneak peek at the brand new leaderboards coming soon, check out our article on the reset here.


    Time Skip

    Too often players are waiting around for a while when only a few players haven’t completed the course yet.

    Now when 80% of the players have completed the course time skip will begin. The time will accelerate to 20 seconds remaining and will then countdown normally. This should give a fair amount of time for the remaining players to complete the course.

    Re-enabling Crumbling Blocks

    In the past we had some performance issues with the crumbling blocks modifier so it was disabled for a little while. Now we've worked hard to tweak the performance for this modifier and have re-enabled the modifier.

    Sky Battle

    Item Swapping Changes

    The efficient item swapping change from last week has been removed in favour of a new feature to help players sort out their inventory more freely while still keeping the swapping fast.

    Now, right-clicking any armor piece will equip it immediately, swapping with any previously equipped armour. Additionally, Shift-Clicking will behave like vanilla again and move the item into your hotbar/main inventory.

    Note - For quick inventory management in Sky Battle, pressing your hotbar slot key (by default the 1-9 keys) when hovering over an item will immediately swap the item to that slot, meaning you can quickly move any item in your inventory/a chest into your hotbar.

    Item Drop Adjustment

    After last weeks change the item drop amount on a few items seemed a bit too limiting, so we have increased the drop amounts of these items. This should encourage players to use more items in a fight as it’s more likely you will get some back in return.
    • Increased amount of orbs, sparks or potions dropped from 1 to 2.
    • Increased amount of arrows dropped from 4 to 6

    Miscellaneous Changes

    • Removed cobwebs from starter chest.
      This avoids players trolling their teammates by cobwebbing them immediately.
    • Increased the likelihood of getting Orbs of Harming and Sparks of Levitation or Regeneration from chests.
      Because of the new item drop limits from last patch, the rates of certain items can be increased since there is less risk of getting large amounts of them.
    • The post-game leaderboards displayed in chat are now sorted by survival time, not score.
      (This change has been reverted)
    Bring back The Qucik Swap
  • 2023/01/28