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Patch Notes 0.6.0 - Patch Notes

0.6.0 - Patch Notes

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New Maps 25 (1).jpg

It’s a new week and with that comes a brand new patch. Say hello to 0.6.0 with a whole bunch of new maps and QoL/bug fixes too!

New Maps

We’re releasing a whole bunch of new maps in this week’s patch, including brand new maps and some of your favourites from MCC! These new maps will have increased odds to start with, so they’ll be more likely to show up when you’re playing games.

The new maps that are releasing today are:
  • Sky Battle: Valhalla
  • TGTTOS: Water Park
  • TGTTOS: Skydive
  • Battle Box: Pipes
For more information about the maps we are releasing, check out the announcement article here.

Creeper Damage Increase and Adjustments

After the creeper egg nerf, we realised that creepers were weaker than we intended for combat purposes.

We've increased their damage to deal 9.5 hearts to players wearing starting armour. Of course this damage decreases as you acquire better armour or use building blocks to block the explosion.

We've also expanded the range at which the creeper can deal its maximum damage. This should make using creepers more consistent and allow players to expect the amount of damage that will be dealt.

Changes and Fixes

  • Footstep sounds will no longer play at the main hub spawn point, meaning that you will no longer be greeted by a spam of footstep noises when you join the server.
  • Fixed the up/down page arrows in the Barber Shop GUI so they no longer display as potatoes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause player disguises to stop working.
  • When you receive a badge whilst in a game, the animation for receiving trophies will no longer play as there is no trophy counter whilst in a game.
  • NPCs around the island now have a click icon in their name to indicate that they are interactive.
  • Cleaned up some of the language surrounding winning rounds/games in BB and SKB.
  • 2023/03/24
  • SuperS58

    The creeper change is a really good one. I haven't used a ton of creepers ever since it got nerfed. Hopefully now I can use it much more often 😊
  • 2023/03/24