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MCC Island Fast Pass and Ranks

Fast Pass and Ranks

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With closed beta invites being sent out in limited waves, we wanted to provide those of you who are just rearing to get on that Island with an additional option to access the server.

Enter: the Fast Pass.

Fast Pass Ticket

Available to purchase on the webstore, the Fast Pass will be released in limited numbers alongside wave invites (keep up with our twitter to be the first to know when these go out!).

The Fast Pass provides you with access to the MCC Island Closed Beta as well as giving you queue priority in any server queues. For those of you who have received an invite already, you can also upgrade your ticket to a Fast Pass to beat any server queues (upgrading won't reduce the number of available Fast Passes).

It can also be purchased in a bundle with ranks!

There are currently two available ranks which provide in-server perks - Champ and Grand Champ. These come with exclusive closed beta items; the Fast pass and Champ bundle both come with a hat, and the Grand Champ bundle awards you with a hat and aura!

Beta Champ Bundle
Beta Grand Champ Bundle

But what server perks do the ranks provide?

In closed beta, ranks will offer perks such as additional daily challenges and queue priority but we'll be expanding these benefits down the line.

Ranks Perks

Grand Champ Royale will be coming soon!

🎉 All store purchases made during the Closed Beta will carry over into Open Beta and beyond!🎉
  • 2022/09/25
  • japkoo

    is there a way to buy the fast pass by itself or do i need to buy a bundle? :thinking:
  • 2022/09/25
  • Zingzy

    I think its out of stock...
    "This package has been purchased too many times"
    20 MINUTES??? wow!
  • 2022/09/25
  • Managed to get one of the bundles into my cart, went to buy7 it and it said I can't as I already own it (I do not) and now can't get it back rip me :/
  • 2022/09/25
  • got a bundle in cart but it keeps saying "I've purchased this too many times to purchase" when the transaction has not gone through?
  • 2022/09/25
  • when will we get a restock?
    I've been waiting for hours xD
    i would assume not for a little bit also be patient they cant rush getting people into the server or the server will crash and judging by the fact noxcrew is probably focusing on actual mcc right now i doubt mcc island is their highest priority at the moment
    plus many people are wanting to get in so even if the restock the chances of actually grabbing a pass is probably low but be patient im sure if they could get everyone in they would (:
  • 2022/09/25