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Statistics MCC25 - Pink Parrots Analysis

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MCC25 - Pink Parrots Analysis

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Tubbo leaked MCC this team on his Twitch, so blame him for this post

Hello, everyone! I'm officially doing Pink Parrots Analysis for the first time. This will be the start of a series of posts where I go over each team to give you all an idea of their strengths, weaknesses, and a general idea of how they can win MCC. Here, we’ll also look at each player, how the team does in each game, and give an overall analysis on how the team might do in respect to the others.

There are a few players who I need to get a little into when it comes to statistics. When talking about team rankings and the game section at the end. Also, please do take note that when I list individual statistics, I am only referring to rankings within this event. I did get a few comments about this so I just wanted to make that clear lol.

With that out of the way, let’s get right to the first team!

This one has recently a personal favorite of mine. The MCC24 Pink Parrots consist of LDShadowLady, Ph1LzA, CaptainSparklez, & (finally, coming back after not appearing since MCC1) Cody Taylor. If we were to use Taylor's (MCC1) statistic for CodyTaylor, the average would be around 8750 points (specifically scoring around 8739 coins).

==Games They Need To Get Late==
===Survival Games===
Survival Games has (partially) become an team-based game. As a result, they should have no problem here. As long as they communicate well, share food amongst everyone, and stick together, they should be able to get 1st place in SG.
===Sands of Time===
This time, I think that this is their ideal final game, since it can garner so many points. Every player on this team has done pretty well in the past, with a few underperformances here and there. On a team together though, I think this team can perform exceptionally well.
==Games To Skip==
===Battle Box===
Battle Box is the only PVP game they want to get out of the way early. While Jordan performs very well, the rest of them occasionally underperform. As an (possible) bad result, they should get this game so early that its literally unthinkable, if it can't be skipped that is.
===Ace Race===
This one I don’t think is terrible for them if they can improve, but generally, I think this team might struggle here, at least if you do comparisons to some of the other teams. Additionally, Taylor has not played Ace Race before so it could go horribly for him.
I’m not going to lie to you. This team is going to be at a disadvantage right away due to them having such vastly different strengths than most other teams (specifically with Battle Box and Build Mart being their worst games). They’re going to need to strategize and really work as a team in certain games since they’re very likely to all be played this time. Stick together, share resources, don't be risky (unless if absolutely need to) and communicate well. That’s the best way for this team to win.

This team is going to have to fight an uphill battle when it comes to game order. With the abundance of not excelling above average in most games, chances are very likely that the actual game order won’t favor them. It isn’t impossible for them to do well in their worst games though. All they really need is good communication and strategy if they want to win.

That's all for now. See you guys later.
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