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General Some Frequently Asked Island Questions!

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Some Frequently Asked Island Questions!

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There's been quite a few common questions over the last 24 hours, so I thought to put some answers together for some of the questions you've been asking a lot!

If you don't see your question here, create a thread, or ask on our Discord, and hopefully you'll find the answer you're looking for!

I just received an admission ticket email, what should I do?

  • Make sure it's legitimate! The admission ticket emails we send will be from [email protected], and will prompt you to click a link and enter a Minecraft: Java Edition username - we won't ask for any other personal information; if you receive any emails claiming to be from MCCi but that do ask for more, please open a modmail ticket and let us know! - Open the email, click the link and input your Minecraft: Java Edition username, and submit it! ⚠ Double check that you've got it correct - we aren't able to manually change any usernames that are put in incorrectly!
  • Head to, input your username again, and "purchase" your Admission Ticket for $0.00! You shouldn't have to enter any payment information for this - but you'll only be able to claim the ticket if you've completed the previous step!
  • Login to the server at, and have fun!
It can take a few minutes for you to gain access once you've completed the store step, especially when it's busy - be patient, and if you still don't have access after a couple of hours, let our support team know at - us Moderators aren't able to let you in or speed things up, so please don't ask!

I just bought a bundle, how do I gain access to the server?​

Great news! Your Fast Pass activates automatically, so you should just be able to join the server or the queue right away via - have fun! (give it a couple of minutes if it doesn't work first time!)

When will the next wave of invites get sent out?​

We usually announce invite waves on our Twitter when they happen ( - but us mods usually don't know when the next one will be, unless it's already been announced elsewhere!

When will the Island store next restock with bundles?​

Restocks are usually announced on Twitter when they happen (, but us mods aren't able to tell you when the next one will be. Enable notifications for the twitter and keep an eye out if you're eager for one!
If you already have access to the island, you can upgrade at any time, no need to wait!
  • 2023/01/28
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