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MCC Island What is MCC Island?

What is MCC Island?

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MCC Island Hub

After months of development, MCC Island is almost ready to open its gates and let you all inside. But we’re sure, while you’ve been on that ridiculously long metaphorical boat ride, you’ve been wondering:

What is MCC Island and what should I expect when I get there?

MCC Island is a Minecraft Java Edition server for modern versions created by the makers of MCChampionship: The Noxcrew, full of exciting mini-games straight from the MCC Event! Play alone or party up and make your own MCC team of up to 4 players (no Smajor necessary) and dive into a land of high-octane mini-games, colourful cosmetics and adventure around every corner.

TGTTOS Gameplay

Just a hop, skip and a jump from the harbour where you’ll depart the boat, you’ll find the pipes to our first four launch games: To Get To The Other Side, Hole in the Wall, Sky Battle and Battle Box.

But these aren’t just the event MCC games; we’ve added a few extra surprises to each of the games to offer a new and exciting experience previously unseen in the world of MCC. We will reveal all about the games and their changes in future articles!

MCC Island
MCC Island Hub

Mini-games are just the tip of the MCC Island iceberg. Do you really think we spent all that time just building games? You’ll also find exciting features and interactions, with plenty more being added in the future!

Stepping off the boat, you’re immediately invited to pledge loyalty to one of the ten MCC teams and become part of their faction, fighting it out for island supremacy, with fun rewards for flying your favourite faction’s flag!

Orange Ocelots Faction Area

We’re also planning to open up places for those faction members to hang out and relax after a hard day’s Battle Boxing some time in the future (when we find the keys to open the doors, the chickens hid them somewhere)

Don’t worry if your loyalty to the team wains a little (we know you’ll follow your favourite content creator wherever they’re put by Scott) you can always switch teams and hang out with them instead!

There are also shops and vendors throughout the shopping district where you can customise your style, with funky hairstyles, outfits and accessories, as well as trails and auras to stand out in the crowd! There’s also an innovative new cosmetics system that rewards you while you play, but we’ll get to that in another article.

Players in Pose Store
Player in Noxstache Store

Just don’t get too close to that mysterious area around the back of the island. GDL set up shop there a few months back and there’s some weird sounds coming from there….

And that's your very brief insight into MCC Island! We’ll be revealing more details about MCC Island and what to expect in the lead up to the beta release, so keep an eye out for more articles and we’ll see you on the island very soon!
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