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PKW Map Submissions - Apply Here!


Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, we made an announcement about the updates coming to MCC Island in Open Beta. In that announcement, we let you all know that one of the games coming to Open Beta was Parkour Warrior and that you, our lovely MCC and MCCI Community, would eventually have the opportunity to help us develop and design courses for PKW as we opened up Community Submissions. Well, the MCC Island Parkour Warrior Course Submission Form is now open! This is your chance to show off...
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Achievements Update - First Badges Rollout!


Last year, we announced that the Achievement system for MCC Island would be getting an overhaul and be replaced with a new system to show off your achievements AND track your stats so you can compare them with other players. Well, we’ve taken our first step to achieve that overhaul. The initial stage of the Badges rollout is here - no, you haven’t just joined the Scouts; Badges are your way to track progress across the server and show off your accomplishments! How to access your Badges...
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MCC Island Development Update - Open Beta Progress (January 2023)


Hello everyone! There’s been a lot of chatter and questions about what’s next with MCC Island, so I thought it was about time to share some information on what’s coming! Overall, the launch of MCC Island’s Closed Beta has been a surprising success; we saw A LOT more players enter the island than we expected! I’m genuinely surprised by how consistent the player counts have been, counting the fact that we haven’t really been releasing any major content, and the doors are still closed! I...
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