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Winter Event and Game update 0.4.0


It's the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s reached MCC Island! Whatever and however you celebrate the winter season, you’ll find snow, surf and some festive magic on MCC Island during our Winter Event, starting with the hub! The Hub gets a wintery makeover! ❄️ Jack Frost has worked his magic and turned the MCC Island Hub into a winter wonderland! He’s covered the island in mountains of crisp white snow, fairy lights, candy canes, snow zombies and festive baubles to bring a...
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After three years, 27 canon events, three charity events and a whole island, you’d think we’d be satisfied with where we are, but there’s always been something missing. It’s time to change that. The FIRST-EVER MCC merch drop is HERE! We’re launching with three super cool items: the Decision Dome Blueprint Shirt, the Team Mascots Rainbow Shirt, and, just in time for the holiday season, the Team Mascots Holiday Hangers. Click here to go straight to the store, or keep reading below to...
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Player Statistics Reset and Upcoming Leaderboards!


In tomorrow's Island patch (24th November), the current statistics system on MCC Island is being rewritten to pave the way for a new and improved system in the future, but what does this mean for your player stats and achievements? Statistics will be reset 📊 All player statistics will be wiped and reset to 0. Why is this required? This is because we are replacing the backend tracking system! This will allow it to be more scalable with larger player counts, record stats faster, and better...
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