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New game maps - Beehive, Mines, Badlands, Celestial!


With the Island having opened its gates a week ago and so many of you battling it out across the games, we thought it was time to introduce some new maps to the Island roster!

TGTTOS - Beehive and Badlands


TGTTOS has two event maps coming your way - Beehive and Badlands! Make sure not to get stuck on sticky honey blocks...
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Cosmetics and Customisation


It's all fun and games on MCC Island; there's so many adventures to be had, people to meet and places to explore.

But if you’re going to visit the island, why not do it in style?

Cosmetics Showcase

Customize your character and show off your best self with our expansive range of cosmetics you can wear anywhere on the Island. On the harbour, in the shopping district even in the games themselves. Where ever you are on the island, your...
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MCC Island Closed Beta has begun!



MCC Island Closed Beta has begun and the first wave of invites have been sent out via email! :crown:

As the Closed Beta period goes on, additional waves of invites will be sent out, so if you haven’t received one yet- don’t worry!

For those who have received a ticket, the process to claim this will be outlined in your email, however, you can always double-check the...
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Fast Pass and Ranks


With closed beta invites being sent out in limited waves, we wanted to provide those of you who are just rearing to get on that Island with an additional option to access the server.

Enter: the Fast Pass.

Fast Pass Ticket

Available to purchase on the webstore, the Fast Pass will be released in limited numbers alongside wave invites (keep up with our...
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Skip, jump and whack those chickens in TGTTOS!

One of the most chaotic games on the MCC roster; it’s only gotten more chaotic since its move to the island, it’s To Get To The Other Side!

In a slight change from the event, TGTTOS is now played in 3 rounds of 90 seconds with 24 players. Players race each other to cross the map by any means necessary in order to reach the other side and punch a chicken. PvP is enabled...
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MCC Island - Hole in the Wall


Hole in the Wall - jump to avoid the void!

One of Noxcrew’s oldest games, you better be quick on your feet if you want to avoid the giant slime wall barrelling towards your face in Hole in the Wall!

One of our 4 launch games, Hole in the Wall is a last-man-standing game where players stand on a platform and dodge through giant walls of slime moving towards them or get yeeted into the void below.

[ATTACH type="full"...
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MCC Island - Sky Battle


You better have your wits about you or you’ll plunge to the island below in Sky Battle!

It’s Sky Block meets Battle Royale.

One of our 4 launch games, Sky Battle has had a bit of an update for Island. Rather than 10 teams fighting it out, 8 teams of 4 spawn on different spawn islands spaced equally apart from the centre. Players have to survive one 5-minute round for as long as possible, fighting off the...
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MCC Island - Battle Box!


Grab your sword and bow, it's time to fight outside of the box in Battle Box!

One of our 4 closed beta launch games, the aim of Battle Box is simple. 4 teams of 4 face off in three 1-minute rounds, each with the goal of claiming the point in the centre of the map by filling it with their team's coloured wool before the enemy team fills it with theirs.

Battle Box Lobby Pipe
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